Need Ad Hoc Support?

Are you truly leveraging web & digital technology for your business? Are you looking to grow, but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise internally?

ProFromGo’s full service Growth-Driven Design approach makes our team your team by way of a deep yet flexible ongoing partnership. But, we recognize that service level and pricing is more than what many small businesses need or prefer.

These ad hoc support options enable us to offer our time and expertise in a way that makes us accessible on demand to all clients. These policies are commonplace in the digital agency space, but our skills and expertise are exceptional.

I have a major problem or urgent need.
My website is misbehaving and I don’t know why.
I’ve broken something and need help fixing it.
I need help/advice on design, content or code.
Target Timeframe
Up to 5 business days
Based on scope, time estimate provided
Based on scope, time estimate provided
How to Request PFG’s Help
Call or submit Help Desk ticket
Call or submit Help Desk ticket
Schedule a planning call or submit Help Desk ticket

Key Considerations

  • If you submit a “Bug” ticket and it turns out to be a user error, we reserve the right to invoice you if necessary.
  • The entire ProFromGo team cares deeply about the relationship we have with every one of our clients and your organization’s success. We ask for your understanding and patience as we determine the best way to support your requests.
  • Our Average first response: Within 4 hours
  • Our Average resolution time: Within 2 business days

Additional Website Training
Sessions or Strategy Calls

As part of our onboarding process, ProFromGo is delighted to offer a complimentary training session to ensure you and your team understand every aspect of your website from basic maintenance to uploading/editing content and designs. We understand that sometimes you need to revisit this information and are happy to provide additional or supplemental training along with digital marketing strategy calls on request.

Additional training or strategy calls are $150/hr.

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ProFromGo Support FAQs

Q: Does ProFromGo cover any web emergencies at no extra charge?

A: Yes. We do not invoice for the following issues:

  • Website/server downtime
  • Critical website transactions not functioning properly through no fault of the client’s

If your site is experiencing these issues, please call or fill out a support ticket right away.

Q: What kinds of emergencies won’t ProFromGo assist with?

A: We strive to keep your site as healthy as possible, but there are certain issues we cannot fix for you. These include:

  • Work done to the site post-launch by third party or amateur developers
  • Timely content management or edits (non-retainer or GDD clients)
  • Providing instant accessibility for non-emergencies (determined by ProFromGo)

Q: What does my monthly hosting and maintenance plan include?

A: Our basic hosting and maintenance plan includes:

  • Website hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • System-level maintenance and improvements
  • Access to our Support Desk
  • Website backup policy and infrastructure.
Website hosting and maintenance does not include:
  • Content management or edits
  • Supplemental design work
  • Instant accessibility for non-emergencies

Helpful Self-Service and Troubleshooting Options

Here are some helpful resources aimed at enabling you to resolve issues internally. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll help you determine the best course of action.

Need Some Support for Your Support? No Problem. Contact ProFromGo

We know not everyone speaks the language of the internet. Hey, that’s what you hired us for, right? Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re more than happy to recommend the best course of action, make improvements, or iron out any wrinkles.

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