Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing use “algorithms” to automatically calculate the position where a website should appear in search results for certain keywords. The search engines do their best to keep these algorithms secret to prevent webmasters from attempting to manipulate the results.

Providing high quality, interesting, and relevant content has always been the best way to sit well in the eyes of the big search engines, but great content isn’t always enough.

Once you have created this great content, knowing what to do with it to leverage it in your favor to build high quality backlinks is the tricky next step.

Be wary of SEO firms and outsourced workers promising big progress without showing you exactly how that progress is made.

Our Three-Pronged Approach

ProFromGo will conduct deep analysis of your markets, competitors, consumers (demographics), and potential keyword targets for search volume and competition. This is the most often overlooked, underrated, and perilous first step in any online marketing campaign. The knowledge of who your customers are and how they are trying to find you is priceless.

A detailed market research report will be created and reviewed with you prior to the commencing of any media creation efforts.

All media is created with the goal of working in synergy with the data uncovered during market research.

Our team of expert writers will create keyword rich content educating consumers and/or potential customers about the finer intricacies of your trade, market, organization, or business. This content will be edited and reviewed by our editorial team and can be made available for your review prior to publishing if you so choose.

We also create this content in a manner where it can be delivered through multiple channels depending on the need, competition, and budget for your campaign. Our media publishing channels include professionally written and optimized text based content and articles, professionally recorded/created web videos, podcasts, documents (PDF, etc), software, and more.

Once your new media has been created with consideration of all the data discovered during market research, ProFromGo will begin an Online Distribution campaign for this written content. ProFromGo uses a network of dozens and dozens of highly ranked and respected websites to carefully blast your media across the internet, with accreditation given back to the website or landing pages of your choice.

Each of these backlinks counts as a “vote” for your website in the eyes of the search engines. As we get more backlinks the search engines begin to see lots of votes for you and move you up in the rankings.

The distribution of your content is carefully tracked throughout the process and is neatly formatted into a concise monthly report for your review.

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