H2O Initiative




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Delta Plastics chose ProFromGo to create a resource-packed website for those who feed the nation.


Delta Plastics created the H2O Initiative by bringing together technical experts and farmers for a common good: to reduce water usage in the Mississippi Delta region by 20% by the year 2020. Information about the H2O Initiative was originally housed on the Delta Plastics corporate website, but it had come time for the H2O Initiative to have a website of its own.


ProFromGo worked with the Delta Plastics team to take a survey of all existing content and materials related to the H2O Initiative. After several website planning sessions, we began iterating design concepts using pre-existing content cannibalized from various locations. The new site clearly and concisely communicated the important nature of this initiative to help create an economic impact for farmers by conserving water, and reducing irrigation costs.

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