Choice Restorative Medicine




Branding Copywriting Custom Web Design

Website redesign for an expanding brand. New services, new market, and a younger target audience called for a complete online refresh.


Dr. Shannon Thieroff, an existing customer of ProFromGo, made the strategic decision to not only relocate Choice Chiropractic’s offices, but also to expand her company’s capabilities and offerings. We recognized the challenges related to Local SEO (NAP data) as well as issues related to her image and branding being focused almost exclusively on chiropractic care.


Dr. Shannon settled on the new business name of “Choice Restorative Medicine.” Team PFG assisted in the execution of her creative ideas by, first, starting with new concepts for her logo mark, and then curation of highlighted design elements into mood boards. We then recruited a talented copywriter to join the project, creating the perfect team for a successful brand re-positioning project.

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