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Would you like your business to show up for terms such as dentistlawyer, or chinese restaurant in your area? ProFromGo Internet Marketing offers a comprehensive “Local SEO” plan for smaller brick and mortar businesses that understand the value of online marketing, but don’t have the deep pocketbook of large corporations. Our Local SEO plan focuses on marketing your website towards consumers within your specific geography.

What Is Local SEO?

Most times, Google’s search engine can already determine your location. As well, Google understands you’ll want to see certain results based upon your location. For example, if you search “mechanics,” Google understand that you most likely want to see results for “mechanics” around the location you’re searching from. Thus Google delivers a specific set of results called the “Local Results” based upon the geography that you searched from.

It’s one things to talk about what Local SEO looks like but it’s another to see it for yourself:

Local SEO Results

What Are the Benefits of Local SEO

Location specific search queries trigger “local results.” Our Local SEO plans allow small business owners to cost effectively improve their online business listings to increase the likelihood of connecting local customers to your products and services. Some of the core advantages are:

  • Small businesses can compete with and even outperform larger companies more easily
  • Local SEO allows you to rank for keywords with high traffic in your geography. You could be in the results if someone just types “Dentist” into the search box.
  • Your business is more easily found by those in your geography
  • Local SEO plan are more affordable than other involved marketing services

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