LinkedIn is the largest business networking site in the world, which makes it a perfect marketing tool for companies that rely on a strong network to bring in clients and create business opportunities. Knowing how to use LinkedIn can build your network, create new clients and enhance your company’s visibility.

Create a Strong LinkedIn Page

Successful marketing with LinkedIn starts with building a robust page with many client and vendor connections.

  • Fill out the profile completely. Information from your company’s profile appears in Google searches. This means that your business profile may be the first glimpse that new clients see of your company from Google and other search engines. To enhance your company’s visibility and to ensure that the profile is doing its job properly, fill it out completely. You may go through several revisions before the profile is rock solid.
  • Invite clients, vendors and relevant community leaders to follow your page. More followers means more company exposure. Followers lead to connections, which lead to more followers and even more connections, and so on. By inviting as many relevant people as possible to follow your LinkedIn page, you put your page at the forefront of your industry, which can ultimately lead to new clients.
  • Keep your page current by inviting new connections to follow your page. Make a habit of inviting new clients and vendors to follow your site as your company grows and develops.

Keep Your Page Up to Date and Relevant

Adding content and inviting follower interactions gives purpose to your page. Giving followers a reason to look back on your site helps keep your page relevant.

  • Post regular status updates. Posting regular updates shows followers that your site is managed and maintained, and that your company is engaged with its audience.
  • Invite interaction from followers. Asking for followers and clients to interact with your page helps build connections that makes your company more important to clients. In addition, some feedback and information that clients post to your site could become relevant to other marketing and product development efforts. Learning from your followers can help give your company direction.
  • Publish articles to your page. This establishes your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Keep all information on the site current. Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other information must be updated as it changes. You may need to appoint one person to maintain that information to ensure that the task is completed.

Create an Industry Group

Industry groups promote communication between businesses with common goals. To create a business or industry group, appoint a group manager who can approve posts, moderate discussions and manage admittance to the group. Groups help build your network and strengthen your ties in the business community.

Contact ProFromGo

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