Graphic design is everywhere, so trends in graphic design are difficult to pinpoint. In this collection of trends, we’ve looked at websites, mobile apps, packaging, the fashion industry and other sources to find out what people expect to see in their graphic designs.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are simple and basic, leaving the viewer with a clear idea of where to find information and what ideas are being conveyed. Geometric designs can be superimposed over an organic structure or may appear within an image to lead the eye around the space. Use of squares, circles and other classic shapes help artists and designers get back to basics and keep the viewer focused on the product.

Minimalist Spaces

Minimalist spaces are among the most long-lasting trends in graphic design. For years, graphic designers have been seeking ways to make their webpages simpler and cleaner. This makes navigation easier and helps focus the message on one central idea at a time. Minimalist websites cut back on extra information to control the message and guide the viewer.

Bright, Bold Colors

Bright, vibrant colors give your website a perky, upbeat quality. Bold colors also make a bold statement about your business and your mission. Pairing bright bold colors with strong neutrals is an excellent way to make your graphics palatable and attractive.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics give your website a homegrown look that makes visiting your website a unique experience. From custom-made fonts to custom illustrations, graphics can be used to help build your brand and help visitors navigate your site to find what they want.


Animations capture a viewer’s attention on a primal level, because our eyes are trained to focus on objects that move in space. Animations are used more than ever to grab attention from viewers and keep them looking. Animations can range from simple GIFs to more complex animations involving sound.

3D Images

With virtual reality devices flooding the market, 3D images are more prevalent than ever. 3D images help make flat space seem like real space, and blur the lines between Internet and reality.

Gradient Color Transitions

Up until just recently, flat color was the expectation in graphic design. Now that has changed with gradients exploding all over the Internet. Gradients make transitions fun and guide viewers from one space to another on a flat plane. Gradients also help viewers move from one idea to the next seamlessly and without difficulty.

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