Does my company really need a blog?

Having a blog can bolster your opportunity to improve organic search rankings. Having original content to share can help your clients or customers understand your services and help position you as the expert.

How often should I add new content to increase SEO rankings?

Frequency of content can be tricky. Google randomly crawls your website checking for fresh and relevant content. The more consistent and helpful the content, the better chance of improvement. Develop and include content consistently, but be careful not to overshare or produce at a cadence that’s annoying your audience.

Will investing in content marketing help generate leads?

Yes! Content marketing is a great way to help produce information that your audience will find helpful. There is a strong correlation between producing relevant and consistent content, and improved sales inquiries.

How do I know if my website or marketing materials need to be redesigned?

If you haven’t had a new website or marketing materials for a few years, it’s probably time for a redesign. A new website and updated marketing materials keep your brand cohesive. They also allow you to incorporate new design elements and to improve your website’s functionality based on new tools that are available. You want to communicate that your company is up-to-date and trustworthy both online and offline. A difficult-to-navigate website or marketing materials that look outdated will do just the opposite.

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