Joey and Chandler from Friends. Turk and JD from Scrubs. Dwight and Michael from The Office. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and perhaps the most sacred of which is the bromance. For those who don’t know what that is, a bromance is the relationship between two men who are best friends. While many sitcoms feature unforgettable bromances, they can be found in other places, too. For example, one could call the relationship between sales and marketing a bromance. In this post, we’ll explain how they fit together better than PB&J.

Sales and Marketing: The Dream Team

So, sales and marketing walk into a bar…

We promise, we’re going somewhere with this. The end goal of marketing and sales is to land leads and eventually convert those leads into new business. Think of them as your two wingmen to help you discover that perfect lead. 

Maybe they want to reach back out to leads that have gone quiet (ghosting is never cool), or maybe they want to increase the quality of their leads (because, standards). They could even be searching for a whole new lead with which to invest their time, abilities and skills (you’ve got a lot to offer). 

Either way, they must determine their goals and work together to introduce themselves and establish a meaningful relationship with their prospective leads.

Making Magic Happen

Once this dream team determines exactly what they’re aiming for, they need to work together to make it happen. The first step belongs to marketing, which must study the audience and decide on a buyer persona. Yes, it’s best to be yourself in a relationship, but now we’re talking leads. 

Once they determine the buyer persona, it’s time to decide where the leads are in the sales stagesalso known as the buyer’s journey stage. Basically, marketing must act as an awesome wingman and determine how interested the lead is in what sales has to offer. Then it’s time to update sales on all the information marketing has collected, so it can close the deal. It’s now up to sales to establish a relationship with the lead and hopefully not get a drink thrown in its face.

Either way, both marketing and sales should converse afterward to gage the process of pursuing the lead, measure their effectiveness and determine ways to improve next time. 

Sales and Marketing are Two Halves of a Whole

Like any bromance, each half of the relationship brings something valuable to the table, but even the best of friends need a little help sometimes. That’s where marketing and sales automation enter the friendship.

Marketing automation focuses on using software to automate marketing activities. It isn’t about taking the job of a qualified marketer. Instead, it focuses on taking care of the redundant tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, advertising campaigns, etc. 

Sales automation is similar in the fact that it also handles redundant tasks, but it is more focused on, well, sales. It is the use of software, artificial intelligence and other tools to help sales reps and managers more efficiently pursue leads.

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