Pittsburgh SEO can take your local business to the topPittsburgh SEO doesn’t just apply on a local level in the city and surrounding areas: when it comes to small businesses it has a global impact regardless of the size of your niche. Pittsburgh SEO services don’t just drive traffic to your website – they drive relevant, ready-to-convert visitors to your site. However, a strong Pittsburgh search engine optimization plan isn’t only about getting the right visitors to your website; it’s also about getting the search engines to take permanent and consistent notice of your company and return this notice in the form of search results to consumers. It’s a complicated process and for most small businesses the task is best left to a professional Pittsburgh SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization is a term that is used widely online, but few people truly comprehend what it means. To put it simply, SEO is the process of creating a presence on the web that stimulates search engines to return your “presence” (website, blog, landing page, video) prominently in search results when a consumer enters search terms or parameters relative to your content and keywords.

For instance, if you own a pizza parlor in Allegheny County, how do you ensure that when a customer types in “pizza in XYZ city” that your pizza joint will come up first? You hire the services of a Pittsburgh SEO company, who will help you to rank on the first page of results (as close to the top as possible) for your keywords. They do this using the following strategies:

1.) Web Content Development

A beautiful web design will impress visitors to your site at first glance, but ultimately it’s the content you offer that will keep them on the site and hopefully convert them to a sale. SEO writing must be integrated into your web content in order for both the search bots and consumers to find you. You must know what keywords your customers are searching for, whether those keywords are profitable or not, and how to include them in your content. Successful Pittsburgh SEO companies have expert writers on their staff that subtly integrate compelling and valuable content with search engine optimized keyword and keyphrase inclusion.

2.) On-Page SEO

Everything about your website’s design will impact its level of search engine optimization. This includes how long pages take to load, how easy the site is to navigate, how the URLs are structured, what meta data is used, how much content is found on the site and how relevant it is to the primary keywords, and many other details. On-Page SEO is a complex set of processes that regularly change as search engine algorithms change. Staying abreast of these changes and managing a website accordingly can sometimes require significant efforts.

3.) Off-Page SEO

This refers to sources outside of your website that tell search engines what you’re all about. This primarily refers to links and marketing and there are many ways to accomplish each that will boost off-page SEO. This can include copywriting, article marketing and syndication, press release distribution, blogging, blog commenting, social media management, forum posting, link exchanges, directory listings and more.

Small businesses that attempt to self-service their SEO needs may find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of expertise and resources that must be possessed and properly wielded in order to optimize a site correctly – and consistently. Additionally, staying abreast of the constant changes to search rules can be a daunting task. To find out what you’re capable of managing and what you might need assistance with, contact our Pittsburgh SEO service now for a free telephone consultation.

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