Businesses are successfully leveraging social media to increase visibility and maintain contact with customers and clients. However, as you hire employees and clients continue to grow, managing and controlling social media accounts can become difficult. There are a variety of ways that you can manage these accounts that will provide leverage for both you and your clients success.

Educate Yourself About Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool. Through social media, your company can speak directly to the people who buy your products and respect your brand. Too many managers and business owners leave their social media in the hands of employees without actually learning how to use this social media themselves.


Knowing how to use your company’s own social media accounts will ensure that you will always have control over your company’s brand and message. As you establish your business on pages like LinkedIn and Facebook, learn how to use the pages that your employees are managing.

Develop a Social Media Policy

Establishing a company social media policy, tracking social media admins and maintaining control of your social media pages is an important part of responsible social media usage.

Before your company becomes active on social media, establish rules and guidelines for proper usage. Work together with your employees to ensure that your social media pages are designed to reinforce your business’s brand and communicate directly with potential customers.

Maintain Control

Some accounts allow anyone who has a company email address to have admin rights to the company page. Others make you accept an invitation from the main admin to gain access. Whoever maintains access, accounts should be checked every other day, if not daily. The social media manager should be responsible to make connections while maintaining constant communication with the online community.

Work With an Internet Marketing Firm

Using an Internet marketing firm to manage your social media pages means that your company will never need to worry about an employee “going rogue.” To find out more about using an Internet marketing firm to manage your company’s social media pages, contact ProFromGo.

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