Growth-Driven Design: you’ve heard of it but aren’t entirely sure how it differs from the traditional website design process. GDD is a powerful methodology that does more than just transform your website. It can improve the way you communicate with prospects as well as internally between marketing and sales. So how can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Growth-Driven Design process? That’s where HubSpot comes in.

How is Growth-Driven Design Different?

If you’ve been following along in our GDD blog series, you know that Growth-Driven Design is a lot HubSpot & Growth-Driven Design Pittsburgh | ProFromGo more of a hands-on approach compared to the traditional web design process. As we explained in A Different Approach to Website Redesign, GDD involves incremental and consistent changes to your website, so you can continually improve your overall user experience time over time. 

Growth-Driven Design doesn’t end with the look and layout of your site. When your website provides meaningful content on a regular basis, you’ll see an improvement in your SEO as well, which we detail more in Improving Your SEO Strategy with Growth-Driven Design. GDD has proven to be a powerful approach in helping other aspects of your marketing strategy be successful. 

So you’ve decided you’re ready to utilize Growth-Driven Design to improve your web presence: solid choice. Now it’s time to determine how you can use the tools your team already works with regularly to help achieve your web goals. And if GDD is all about continual improvement, then HubSpot is your tool to analyze how you should be adapting your content around your visitors, prospects and customers.

Where HubSpot comes in

Think of HubSpot and Growth-Driven Design as sidekicks, like Batman and Robin or Cher and Dionne from Clueless. Both on their own are powerful, but when working together, you can strive for even greater results. With HubSpot, you have ways to collect important information from site visitors, to communicate with them and to convert them into qualified leads.

Not only does HubSpot have tools to help better capture and manage leads, it also has useful reporting tools. The best way to audit your site and to know where to make changes is by first collecting data on it. HubSpot provides multiple ways to measure that.

User Engagement Timeline 

Knowing where your contacts are spending their time on your site is a huge advantage. With HubSpot’s user engagement timeline, you can see an up-to-date timeline of what your contacts were viewing and downloading from your website. Understanding how pages or content on your site is performing is a great way to see where you can adjust to have better content or conversion rates.

This is also helpful when you pass along a lead to your sales team. They now know what the contact was looking for based off of their site activity, and your sales rep can now have a strategic conversation with that lead specifically related to their desires or what issues they’re trying to solve.

Collect Lead Data through CTAs & Forms

Implementing forms on your website is a game changer in collecting information from your leads. If visitors are coming to your site to download that really robust, technical whitepaper of yours, you’re missing a huge opportunity in obtaining their information without using a form for download. Growth-Driven Design works to help you drive more traffic to your site and convert leads into customers. By using HubSpot forms, you’re one step closer to understanding who your audience is and what kind of behavior they follow. 

Utilize Live Chat For Better User Interaction

When you’re able to communicate on demand with visitors on your website, the chances of them sticking around on the site and also converting are higher. HubSpot’s Live Chat functionality has various options depending on what kind of conversation you want to have with your visitors. Your website is supposed to move visitors through the buyer’s journey stages from awareness to consideration and decision. The addition of live chat could be the missing piece for leads to finally convert.

Let’s Do This Together

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what HubSpot can do in conjunction with Growth-Driven Design. We can help you explore these methods plus so much more as your HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner. Interested in learning more? Contact us to start your GDD journey with HubSpot today!

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