The effect a good digital marketing strategy can have on a business can’t be undervalued. With such an overwhelming amount of online information available to consumers, it’s vital that your brand catches and keeps people’s attention. This is an overwhelming and potentially confusing task for many organizations. That’s where a good digital marketing agency comes in—but that creates another problem. How do you choose an agency that help you meet your business objectives?

How is Digital Marketing Different than Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing services vary quite significantly from traditional marketing methods. However, the most important thing to remember is that measurable marketing and ROI make up the core of our industry. On the other hand, traditional marketing agencies tend to focus on more traditional tactics or creative initiatives. Where they struggle is supporting their creative with the data and analysis that pushes results. This is how where digital marketing can fill the gap.

What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

Do you need content services like blogs and emails? Are you looking to boost your SEO? Maybe you’re looking to redesign or launch a brand new website for your business. Maybe it’s a combination of all of them.

So what does digital marketing actually mean? Simply put, it’s targeted brand promotion based on data and executed with technology.

Now let’s go through that piece by piece. Targeted brand promotion allows you to focus on people who can realistically become customers. In turn, this eliminates a lot of potentially wasted resources. Digital marketing also relies on data which means there is no guesswork involved. One important aspect of both of these components is the buyer persona. The buyer persona defines the type of person who promises the most results for your company. This along with defining the buyer’s journey are essential to any effective digital marketing strategy. These strategies being implemented are also tested and continually adjusted based on what’s working and what’s not.  

A great marketing firm will determine your brand’s unique needs and develop a strategy to maximize your profits. While this all sounds great, working with just any digital marketing agency doesn’t guarantee results. There are a few more factors that should be kept in mind.

Choose an Agency with Experience in Your Industry

Are you an ecommerce company? Are you in industrial manufacturing? Finding a digital marketing agency that speaks your customer’s language and has experience in your field can be a huge advantage. This is because not every agency will understand how your industry works. For example, the marketing  approach needed for a restaurant is vastly different than for a company that manufactures and sells hardware. That’s why it’s important to choose a firm who understands the intricacies of your industry. By doing so, the agency can best serve your specific needs.


Are in-person meeting important to you? Are you a local or regional business that needs an agency that understands your market? Benefits of a local agency allow for more face-to-face contact with the team who will be running your digital marketing operation.The most obvious benefit of this is smoother and stronger communication between teams. However, in today’s tech environment, face-to-face isn’t always essential for success. With online meeting tools and the simple power of email, your communication can be just as strong as it would be if you were instead meeting in person. The benefit of this can be saved time and resources because you don’t have to invest in traveling to a physical office location.  

ProFromGo Might Be the Best Fit For You

At this point, you may be considering exploring the world of digital marketing in order to better your business. If you’re looking to take the plunge of the digital marketing agencies, ProFromGo could be for you. With clients and experience spanning multiple and diverse industries, we know a thing or two on how this whole thing works. But why tell you when you can just see for yourself? Check out some examples of our past work here.

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