Facebook always seems to be in the news. And lately, the news hasn’t been so flattering. However, on a tech-related note, Facebook’s latest algorithm really makes things difficult for businesses of all sizes. The good news? Facebook still rewards content that people are engaging with. The bad news? Business pages struggle with engagement.

Facebook’s Everchanging Algorithm

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook –your little cousin, your best friend, your grandma, that teacher you had in fourth grade who you didn’t realize was so opinionated until he friended you on Facebook –the list goes on and on. Some people hardly use it, others are constantly sharing stuff, and then there are those who just sit back and watch.

Facebook’s latest algorithm gives visibility to those brands with engaging content. What exactly is engaging content? It’s content that people like, love, share, etc. This has thrown a curve ball to social media strategies for businesses of all types – especially B2B.

Companies, like Dollar Shave Club, ESPN, Barstool Sports, Nike, etc., don’t feel the pain of the new algorithm because people are sharing their organic Facebook content. However, companies that are primarily B2B niches don’t always have engaging content that millions of people find entertaining enough to share. Naturally, their visibility on Facebook suffers.

Is it worth it to even post to Facebook anymore?

The answer here is definitely yes. However, it’s not as easy to gain visibility as it used to be. When posting organically to Facebook, it’s imperative people like your content – both literally and figuratively. There are many ways to get brands to like your posts and even sometimes share them. In a way, Facebook is making businesses work harder for their real estate (unless their willing to pay for a Facebook Ad of course). It challenges companies to come up with more engaging content than a link to an industry resource, or an update to their hours.

How do I get people to engage through Facebook?

The new algorithm also challenges brands to get to know their customer more. For example, if you’re a metal manufacturer and you post a video of one of your machines, people would be more likely to share that than if you just posted something generic about your company with no photo or video attached.

Chances are, when you scroll through your Facebook feed, you’ll see a bunch of baby pictures; some funny memes; angry people arguing about politics, and, maybe, a pretty cool ad once in a while. The reason you see this is because this is what people are engaging with. The new algorithm is forcing brands to put their voice out there.

The goal here is similar to the goal in any strategy:find what works and do more of it. It’s trial and error and you won’t figure it out overnight.

Should I make room in my budget for Facebook Ads?

Facebook, like Google, will always allow for paid shortcuts. The short answer here is, if it makes sense to you from an economical perspective then go for it. If your buyer persona isn’t on Facebook, and your product has a long sales cycle, then there are other places to throw that extra money in your budget. However, if you’re selling a product that has a quick sales cycle and can handle high volume sales,  and Facebook is a great place to experiment with some adspend.

We’re here to help…

Social media can be difficult. The algorithm’s are constantly changing across all platforms. ProFromGo has been developing and implementing social media marketing strategies for clients across many industries. Give us a call. We’re always happy to help.


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