Videos are a valuable tool for businesses striving to form connections with customers. A well made video acts as a natural advertisement while simultaneously entertaining customers. Unfortunately, consumers are experts at dodging videos, so making your content captivating and meaningful is key.

Keep It Short

Audiences like their videos to be short and sweet, so plan to get right to the point. Deliver the message quickly and, if possible, keep your video under one minute. If you can convey your message in 30 seconds or less, all the better. This will necessitate a lot of pre-production editing and smart script writing. For best results, work with an expert who has crafted short videos in the past.

Be Funny. Or Cute. Or Unique.

Know right from the outset what the audience reaction is supposed to be. Will your audience laugh? Tear up? Ponder it for hours after watching? Tell their friends?

Without knowing the intended reaction, the video may be lackluster and a little boring. At best, a video without direction will get few hits. At worst, a video could reflect badly upon the business and deter potential clients.

Tell a Story

Audiences like stories. Stories tend to keep the attention of the audience and can also give the video purpose. The story may be one about the product, the business that produced the product, or the story of a customer who uses the product. All of these angles can help make a connection between the business and customer, which can strengthen the bond the customer feels with the business.

Answer Questions

Think of the video as a chance to talk directly to your clients. Answer questions they might have about your business practices and business philosophy. Is your business sustainable? Does your business offer discounts? How can your customers get the best results out of their experience with your business?

Educate Viewers

Use your videos as a chance to teach your customers something they didn’t already know about your business. Clients who have the inside scoop about the businesses they work with often feel a greater connection to those businesses, which can encourage customer loyalty.

Work With Your Internet Marketing Firm

Social media videos can make a big impression on customers. When it’s time to make a social media video, it’s important to do it right. To get the best results, work closely with your Internet marketing firm. At ProFromGo, we help businesses market their business online. We manage social media accounts, design websites, develop online marketing strategies and use SEO best practices. We cater to small businesses and big companies alike. Best of all, we’re local to Pittsburgh! We understand the local economy and consumers in and around Pittsburgh. For a personalized approach and to manage an effective marketing campaign, contact ProFromGo today at (412) 530-5027.

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