Character and passion fuel our creative efforts.

At ProFromGo, “WE C.A.R.E.” represents the guiding core values that we share and live by. We work hard together and play to win.



“We” means TEAMWORK.

  • It’s no coincidence that the “We Care” emblem resembles a team logo. We’re on a team with each of our clients, and we’re on a team with each other.
  • Teammates always take care of each other.
  • None of us is as smart as all of us.


The environment we work in should always be creative, productive, and fun.

  • A mindset of abundance is a must to remain at our full creative potential.
  • Our clients’ needs and goals must be understood empathetically on a deep and interactive level in order for us to innovate the creative solutions they deserve.


If you aren’t measuring and goal setting, you’ll never know what success feels like.

  • Our work can help our clients accomplish their business goals and objectives and we’re not successful unless our clients are successful.
  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant. We’ll keep the important metrics out in the sunshine where everyone can see them.


Towards each other: We’re all just big kids at heart and must always play nice together.

  • Towards our clients: Entrepreneurs and small business owners are tightly woven into the fabric of our communities. They are the lifeblood of our business. They deserve the utmost respect and we’ll strive to earn their respect in return.
  • Towards the process: We’ll work diligently to understand, accommodate and when appropriate, improve our customers’ processes. We request our customers return the favor.


Excellence and professionalism are required in all we do.

  • Every task or objective we set out to complete should be approached not with a “how do I get this done?” mindset, but one of “if there were an award for doing this better than it’s ever been done before, how do I win it?”
  • With every task, campaign, or project we either win… or we learn.

We are inspired by challenges and lead from the front.

People are our core focus. We’re all about relationships and becoming long-term partners to our clients.

Chris Vendilli


“Did we just become best friends? Do you want to go do karate in the garage?”– Brennan Huff

  • Work Skills:

    Leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, technology, management, and consulting.

  • Bio:

    Chris is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he led Security Forces Raven Teams on missions around the globe. Additionally, Chris served 8 years with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, where he spent the latter half of his time there as a detective in the Computer Crime Unit (CCU). Present day, Chris spends most of his waking hours “wearing all the hats” as the founder of ProFromGo. The company is a certified Veteran-owned business that primarily helps B2B manufacturers and professional services companies increase online visibility, improve sales processes, and delight their customers.

    Chris’s team at ProFromGo has expertise in web design and development, SEO, inbound marketing, paid search, and sales and marketing automation programs.

    ProFromGo is certified in various Google programs and is one of the only HubSpot Platinum solutions partners in their region.

    A lifelong technophile turned entrepreneur, he currently resides in Wexford, Pennsylvania in a houseful of ladies, with his wife, Tracey, and their three young daughters: Natalie, Giulia (pronounced like “Julia”), and Nora. In his free time you’ll find him camping, fishing, or playing beer league ice hockey with a bunch of guys who refuse to admit they’re already over the hill.

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John Caruso

Director of Business Development

“The owner of the axe, as he released his hold on it, said that it was the apple of his eye; but I returned it sharper than I received it.” -Henry David Thoreau

  • Work Skills:

    Business Development, Sales, Strategy Development, Account Management, Marketing, Advertising.

  • Bio:

    John loves the opportunity to help others solve business problems with creative solutions, and so marketing and business development was a natural career path. For the last 7 years, John has helped foster new relationships and work in client services in the advertising industry, partnering with clients in a wide variety of industries such as financial, healthcare and consumer packaged goods to provide strategic planning, brand strategy, and a variety of other advertising solutions to help solve business needs.John has a BS in Marketing and Business Management from La Roche College where he was also a four-year athlete as an outfielder on the Redhawks baseball team. Outside of work, you can find him fishing, hunting, or canning vegetables from his garden.

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Lauren Lippert

Account Manager

Lauren Lippert

“When I’m traveling, I won’t miss an opportunity to try great pasta.” – Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

  • Work Skills:

    Inbound Marketing, Social Media Management, Email Communication, Strategic Marketing Planning, Client Communications

  • Bio:

    Lauren is a Pittsburgh native and proud Ohio University alumna where she graduated with a B.S. in Journalism. She turned her love for communication into her career in marketing and hasn’t looked back since! Her passions within marketing vary from branding to social media and content creation. She believes marketing is the heart of any organization and truly enjoys the work she does. Outside of work, there’s a good chance you’ll find Lauren listening to Taylor Swift regardless of what she’s doing.

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Yusef Lockwood

Senior Web Developer

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

  • Work Skills:

    Server administration, Back-end code & API integration, front-end development, UX testing, deployment, maintenance, and support; Or in short, full-stack development.

  • Bio:

    Since he was a child, Yusef always considered himself a builder and a tinkerer. To his parents dismay, this usually meant taking apart their electronics and appliances with no guarantee they’d be put back together. In school it meant crafting over 25 models of paper airplanes, designed for loops, boomerang flights, and even water bombs. Eventually though, it lent itself to computer. At 16 he built his first computer and 2 years later, his first website. 7 years from that point, Yusef has built over 200 websites and written hundreds of thousands of lines of code. 3 of those years, he’s been working for ProFromGo as the “go-to” for all things technical. He prides himself on crushing deadlines and squashing bugs with vigilance. Though his hobbies include running and frisbee, most of his free time is spent learning new tools and skills, improving his processes, and frequenting Github & Stack Exchange. The same attention to detail that enthused his paper aviation as a child, he now dedicates to keeping our clients websites secure and running smoothly.

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Erica Follette

Content Specialist

Erica Follette

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” — Tyrion Lannister

  • Work Skills:

    Inbound Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Strategy and Content Creation.

  • Bio:

    Erica is a proud Edinboro University Alumni where she graduated with a B.S. in Strategic Communication and a Minor in Public Relations Branding and Imaging. Her passion is creating both new and engaging content that helps businesses tell their story and take their brand to the next level. In her free time, you can find Erica binge watching Netflix shows, practicing martial arts, drinking way too much coffee or tending to the needs of her spoiled dog and multiple reptiles.

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Danielle Matthews

Senior Art Director

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” – Kurt Cobain

  • Work Skills:

    Art Direction, UX, Branding, Concept Development, Print, Digital, Creative Strategy, Leadership

  • Bio:

    A true artist at heart, Danielle studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY before graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Graphic Design. As a Pittsburgh native, Danielle has a diverse body of work with a variety of clients from around the world. She has in-depth experience leading creative teams, serving as both an art director and mentor to other creatives throughout her career. She thrives on being able to think deeper and turn clever ideas and visuals into an effective, attention-grabbing solution. She’s a lifelong learner and is always exploring new ideas, art forms, technologies, and trends.

    When not taking on the world’s creative challenges, she dedicates her time to her family—chasing around and entertaining her kids and their 3 cats while keeping her house in order. Whenever she gets a minute to herself she enjoys binge-watching Netflix, reading, obnoxiously loud music, fishing, drinking obscene amounts of coffee, and probably being an all-around nerd.

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Sarah Kennedy

Senior Art Director

Sarah Kennedy

“Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.” – Neil Gaiman

  • Work Skills:

    Art direction, print design, digital design, illustration, typography, branding, content strategy.

  • Bio:

    The middle of seven children, all homeschooled, Sarah grew up learning the ability to self-entertain and self-motivate to get her work done. Art came naturally to Sarah in a family of creatives. Most influential in her career choice was her grandfather, an illustrator who worked for an ad agency in Downtown Pittsburgh in the 50’s. So much so that in college, Sarah studied Graphic Design with a special focus on illustration and landed her first job at an ad agency in.. yep.. Downtown Pittsburgh. Just down the street from where her grandfather’s art studio resided. Her experience over the years spans traditional print design likes posters and invitations, digital design for ads and websites, and art direction of video and photo shoots. She believes everyone has a story to tell and wants to tell those stories through her work.

    In her free time (what’s that?), you can usually find Sarah with her nose in a book, playing any game in the Zelda franchise, tickling the ivories on her piano, drinking a lot of tea and dreaming of her next trip to Ireland.

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Carole Reinert

Senior Content Strategist

Carole Reinert

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” E. E. Cummings

  • Work Skills:

    Content Strategy, Content Creation, Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Project Management, and Creative Development

  • Bio:

    Carole started writing for her high school newspaper and never stopped. As a freelance journalist, she has been published in a variety of print and digital media outlets. As a marketer, she has written blogs, landing pages, websites, long-form articles, social media posts and eBooks—all crafted to deliver results for clients.

    Before she writes a single word, she takes the time to understand the clients’ objectives, ensuring the content is aligned with the strategic direction. She sees herself as not just a writer but as someone who solves problems with words.

    Carole earned her B. A. in Journalism and Communications from Point Park University and an M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. She also occasionally attends writing workshops in creative nonfiction and flash fiction.

    In her free time, you’ll find her hiking with her miniature schnauzer, practicing yoga, traveling, reading or simply hanging out with family and friends.

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